Following smart phones were tested with ABIOS Apps…

LG: L90, L70, L65, Leon, Joy

HTC: Desire 820

Huawai: P8, P9, P10 +lite,

Samsung: XCover 3

BlackView: BV 6000s

Hipipoo: J5

and most of Android smart phones with Android versions starting with 4.4.3, excluded are most of the Sony-Handys.


Our ABIOS diagnostic can be used with diverse ECG- und puld measure decives***…

Polar H7 **+

Polar H10 **+

Link: Online-Shop Polar>>


Berry King **+



Wahoo TICKRx **+;

Link: Online-Shop>>


Zephyr HxM BT 2.0 (wiederaufladbar) **+;

Zephyr HXM Smart **+

Sales Zephyr DE/AT: deutschland@cosmed.com, +49(8684)942900


Cosinuss One*+

Link: Online-Shop Cosinuss>>



(**) very good measurement quality also during activities

(*) measurement quality sufficent for resting

(+) very lomg battary duration and / or rechargable


The product availability / status as well as content of the provided links to products and services are beyond the influence of ABIOS GmbH. Therefore, no liability can be assumed for their status and contents.


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